Sohsuke Takahashi


1978Born in Tokyo

March 1997Graduated from Waseda Jitsugyo Highschool

March 2001Graduated from Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics

April 2003Entered the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (57th Legal Trainee)

October 2004Joined Atsumi & Partners (Current: Atsumi & Sakai), Registered with Daini Tokyo Bar Associations

May 2005Worked in the Financial Development Department of Securities Company (Secondment)

May 2007Joined Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation, Registered with Tokyo Bar Associations

May 2010Graduated from University of Michigan Law School (LL.M.)

August 2010Visiting Scholar at University of Michigan Law School

May 2011Worked in Butzel Long (Detroit, Michigan) (International Intern)

August 2011Admitted to the State Bar of California

January 2012JQ Co., Ltd. Outside Statutory Auditor (to September 2014)

January 2013Partner, Midosuji Legal Profession Corporation

July 2015Founded Kaname Partners

September 2015JQ Co., Ltd. Outside Director (Current)

May 2016Ichigo Investment Advisors Co., Ltd. Outside Director (Current)

March 2018Realize Corporation Outside Director (Current)

November 2019A-tie Co., Ltd Outside Statutory Auditor (Current)

September 2020TechVoice Co., Ltd. Director (to July 2023)

June 2021Realize Securities Corporation Outside Director (Current)

General Corporate Legal Affairs / Financial Transactions (Structured Finance, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, REITs) / International Transactions and Overseas Expansion / Antitrust Law and Overseas Competition Law / Franchise Law / Corporate Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition / Litigation (Civil & Commercial) / Venture Legal Support / Sports Management / Intellectual Property Law / Information Technology Law

Japan(Tokyo Bar Association)

California(State Bar of California)

Japanese / English

・“Reconsideration for Act on Recognition of and Assistance for Foreign Insolvency Proceedings” (Jigyo Saisei to Saiken Kanri No.134)

・“The Reality of the Japanese Legal System for Cross-Border Insolvency ~Driven by Fear of Universalism~” (Norton Annual Review of International Insolvency, 2012 Edition, West publication, Thomson Reuters) (Awarded International Insolvency Institute “Prize in International Insolvency Studies” 2011 Gold Prize)

・“Possibility of Application of the US Security Regulations to M&A of J-REIT” (Kinyu Houmu Jijo No.1856)

・“Impact of Bankruptcy of J-REIT”(Kinyu Houmu Jijo No.1855)

・“The Practical Treatment against the Issues on Financial Instruments and Exchange Law in the field of Real Estate Structured Finance” (Gekkan Shihon Shijo No. 276)

・“M&A of the Real Estate Investment Corporation (REIT) – Legal Investigation of Its Possibility” (Kinyu Houmu Jijo No.1828)

・“M&A of the J-REIT – Possibility from Legal View” (Gekkan Shihon Shijo No. 260)

・“Equity in Tokumei Kumiai Partnerships to be Deemed Securities under Japan’s New Securities Exchange Law” (Asian Counsel)

・“Preparation for Bankruptcy of Foreign Investment Entities and Debtors ~ Legal Knowledge and Practices for International Insolvency” (November 2011)

・“Bankruptcy of Participants of Structured Finance” (March 2009)

・“Bankruptcy of J-REIT” (February 2009)

・“Bankruptcy of Participants of Structured Finance and J-REIT” (February 2009)

・“Structured Finance in the Bankruptcy Era” (December 2008)

・“M&A of J-REIT” (December, 2008)

・“Structured Finance in the Bankruptcy Era” (November, 2008)

・“M&A and Bankruptcy of J-REIT” (November, 2008)

・“M&A of J-REIT” (June 2008)